flying magicians in Germany – the private jet illusionists

Dear friends in magic.

News by Lex Schoppi Cartoon: A Flying web TV show. HE (english word for German“ER“), whose name nobody one knows, is a tycoon of international finance business who intends to stand for president. At night he dreams of a career as an amateur magician. In his own private jet he invites guests from professional magic entertainment. This is the teaser. Have fun. This project is build by Lex Schoppi special-FX Costume workshop in Germany.


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Lex Schoppi FX Costume workshop

The technical costume designer has been involved since 2000 as an advisor for show theatres, magicians and artists from Canada to Australia. Alongside three dozen different techniques and eighteen inventions have been created. Some of these have been mass-produced and are distributed today by a Californian wholesaler to magic dealers all over the world. Las Vegas magicians use some of his effects in their big shows, and his products could even be seen in use in the gala show at FISM 2006. Today the consutant works for mayor events, galas and show productions. The coach and consultant for Germanys Top Rockstars, comedians, singers, magicians, stars and topmodels works for magicians and artists. For the Eurovision TV he acted as coach and performer for several of the biggest TV Events in Europe. more

new cartoon by Lex Schoppi

Dear friends in magic. I call my new drawing Mister Headless.

See the Belgian magician Rafael in this picture. This cartoon has been published in/for the journal Magische Welt 6/2011. He is printed there cut in the middle. After all he is internationally famous for cutting ladies. There is so much to say about Rafael, but the simple statement that he does a good job conveys everything. Hardly any range of magic, he did not get into.

He is one of the most creative magicians and innovator of the magic scene. His trademark is the woman saw in two on the sofa or the self beheading, which can be seen in my cartoon.

I have already had the pleasure to perform with him on stage. A wonderfully kind colleague.

This cartoon has been published in/for the journal Magische Welt 6/2011 (subscription available). You will find a most interesting interview with him and much, much more of course.

Rafael can also be found in the internet:

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As a coach ad consultant Lex Schoppi advises magicians, television and show productions. In addition to three dozen different techniques, he has penned further inventions. His customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” from the German show-scene. Alongside European television programs such as “World of Comedy – the best Comedians of the World” or the Euro-TV program he has prepared for example for the hit stars and rock stars stars for her solo tour, for top-comedians and many others. Lex Schoppi was the creator of the Illusions in the opening ceremony of the german music award TV show.

With his specialist publications Lex Schoppi contributed significantly to the popularity of quick change on the magic scene. International magic press and leading Las Vegas magicians recommend this books as a fundamental work of the art of quick change. The magic circle of Germany awarded Lex for „author of the year“ in 2010 for his quick change books.

Lex Schoppi: website (magician and coach)

Lex Schoppi Cartoon

Lex Schoppi – the cartoonist and illustrator. For the magazine Magischee Welt (German language for ‚magic world‘) he created magical world since early 2010 cartoons for the respective columns. Schoppi Lex’s cartoons are drawn by hand and digitally colored. The final image is printed on high quality canvas or Dibond. Lex’s Schoppi includes gallery of famous magician magician currently several dozen – and growing. Some cartoons can be found right in the navigation bar. Lex Schoppis most extensive work was a comic book, for which there is even a Treaser. Follow this link and have fun with our last cartoon about the EMC: