Quick Change Bow Tie

With this Gimmick you’re in a position for a lightning fast colour change for your Bowtie with only one short movement in the back with the left or right hand. You will be able for a 6 fold colour change, perfect to use as a running gag, also if you work as an magician for children. Up to now everybody who saw this gimmick looked in disbelief. The Speed is incredible. The color of your bowtie will change from blue – red – black – yellow – green – orange! Start with any color you like! The gimmicks are in high quality produced in a german tie factory. It’s optimized for a white tuxedo shirt.

Due to massive piracy from the Chinese market, whose appalling quality deceived many magicians worldwide with incorrect instructions, we have decided to cease producing this product. In order not to harm my reputation, this product is no longer officially available. 99% of the remaining copies on the market bear my cover, my face, but are Chinese fakes. Rather than litigate, I have taken the product off the market. Something that no longer exists, can no longer be copied (or at least new goods can no longer be made out to be mine)