Quick Change Suspender

Gekis crazy Quick Change Suspender

These trouser suspenders/braces change color from white to red or vice versa in a flash. It is even possible to make the color change in rotation: the left hand suspender is red; the right hand one white – suddenly the left hand one is white and the right hand one red. The preparation time for this trick lies in the action of the effect itself. The suspenders are genuine at the back – that is to say you determine whether the start or end color is red or white and you may turn your back to the audience! Note: The performer can only turn around and show ONE color at the back – either the start or end color, and not both colors. The color change is the set-up for the next color change. This trick may be performed ad infinitum and has to be the best suspender/brace trick to come out on the market for a long time!


It is not possible to produce this effect with normal trouser suspenders/braces. For this reason these special suspenders/braces have been purposely produced in a suspender factory. GEKI’s suspenders can be adjusted from behind so that it is possible for every magician to perform this effect. The gimmicks are hand made by GEKI himself and placed on the suspenders.