Card Shark

I call this cartoon The lord of the cards.

See the card shark Christian Schenk in his lunchbreak on the 52 cards, that mean the world to him. The card shark is one of the most successful German young entrepreneurs among the magic entertainment suppliers. He produces playing cards.
But how to make a living from that?
That`s easy. Just be the best there is! If this is true? I don’t know, as I do not care so much about cards.
But if we credit the rumor of those, who exercise card stunts with his products every evening, he is supposed to be the best.
Lately the lord of the cards acted as coverboy for the legendary journal ‘Magische Welt’ and I had the pleasure to draw him.
It seems natural to let the cardboardlord slip into the self picked skin.
Whilst other magicians wear tailcoat, the puristic shark is content with the essential, his card stack.

This cartoon has been published in the trade magazine „Die Magische Welt“ 5/2011 in fullpage, so that you can cut it out. Furthermore, you will find a very interesting interview with him – and much more.

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