Christoph Borer

I call this picture
Lord of the runes

Christoph Borer, the Swiss mentalist, is who I mean. According to unconfirmed statements from sideline guests he is supposed to have a soft spot on mental-illusions including runes. So it suggested itself to stage the dark lord in the moonlight surrounded by rune stones. In his hand – of course – the devil’s prayer book, a game with 52 cards. He surely knows the card of your choice due to his clairvoyance.

The holster under his streaming coat is readily charged with his 52 volt battery boring machine. This borer is used to detect the card. Away back he distributed this piece of legerdemain at magic dealers.

Protruding from his hat you see the lady’s glove, one of his favourite tricks to find a card.

Since he is some kind of world-fame guru in the mental-scene, he earns a pentagramshaped halo.

He wears tails, too – unfortunately you cannot see it under his box coat.

Christoph Borer really exist:

Dibond – 30 x 40 cm