Kaiser’s Camelot

I call this figure
Kaiser’s Camelot

Herein the meeting of collectors and historians of magic arts – which took place in the magic castle Schloss Schönfeld – has been caricatured. The magic castle has been initiated by Karl-Heinz Kaiser and offers, in addition to a small museum for magic arts, several event locations, which are regularly used for magic shows. A lot of multinational guest artists have already performed here. And this year, the meeting of collectors and historians was held there.
I have depicted the castle as a secret place for rituals, just like King Arthurs Camelot. All top hats have to wait outside and all “weapons” (wands) are put on the round table, aiming towards the middle. The figureheads for the German-speaking collectors and historians are gathering round the flying table. All uniform dressed in robes, this mage lodge!

Clockwise from right bottom: Karl Heinz Kaiser, Flip, Magic Christian, Rüdiger Deutsch, Volker Huber, Steffen Taut. The seventh person prefers to remain incognito and stays outside the picture. See the guy in the window in the upper right corner? This is Christian Knudsen, the new paparazzo of the journal. Non-depicteds are looking through the first floor windows and all of them are occupied.

All attendees admire Deutschs` new floating and fuming magic lantern. No clue who brought these wind-up bunnies. Surely, these magic castles have ghosts and rats,…

This cartoon was the title page of the journal ‚Magische Welt‘ 2/2010, so you do not have to cut it but rather stick the whole journal on the wall.

The magic castle really exist: www.daszauberschloss.de

(Leinwand auf Keilrahmen 60 x 80 cm)