Theatre 2

This cartoon is part of the serial “Theatre at the headquarter”

Today the “Prince of Darkness”, Martin Sierp checks in for his performance (see the posters).
Hopefully he wakes up in time for his show (he had an alcoholic for breakfast).

We have been forced to drag him and his mobile home the whole way from the hotel to the theatre because of this sucking sun. In some way one of the stagehand was complaining about slight illness afterwards.

The prince of darkness really exist:

Concerning the headquarter

The serial:
As implied in the title, you will find news from the headquarter. I have bugged the ultimate centre of magic power so that I can take snapshots at the right moments. Here you will find everything, that is usually in hiding or what the future will bring. Return and find out more…

Lex Schoppi Cartoon

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