Hans Klok

I call this picture
the sawing woman

Any explanation is unnecessary. Shame on you, if you do not know him. After being honoured with the FISM World Champions Second Place for illusions in 1997 his career made a meteoric rise and he travelled the entire world. He is one of Europe’s most popular illusionists. Probably the most famous in Germany. The Dutch even had his own show in Las Vegas with Pamela Anderson.

I have pictured Hans Klok and his mate Zarina in this cartoon. Zarina is usually the bad guy in the shows intending to kill beautiful Hans. Up to now, he always managed to get out of her clutches. Of course his hair streams out behind by the fan, he uses to have at his stage.

They are performing the illusion: “Sawing (a) woman”

Hans Klok really exist: www.hansklok.com

Dibond – 30 x 40 cm