Jeff McBride

I call this figure:
The Showdoctor

See the American magician Jeff McBride! He achieved world-fame for his Mask-Show and his card manipulations. Today he runs a Magic School in Las Vegas with classroom, library, masks on the walls and all kinds of props in cabinets. The translator of my books QUICK CHANGE 1 and QUICK CHANGE 2 lecturer there.

The first idea was to paint the great magic teacher with his mask, but wearing it, you might mix him up with one of my -even more famous- comic hero. He also conducts a Magic School – namely the most famous of the world – the Stuttgart Magic School! To be sincerly Stuttgart is not Las Vegas at all – but they are working on it, cutting down trees.

Anyway, I drew the Las Vegas teacher without his mask, but if you take a closer look, you can find them on the cards. And as I matter of course, he wears a tailcoat and top hat – guess what… he even wears it on stage(!!!).

This cartoon has been published in the trade magazine „Magische Welt“ 1/2011. Find a full page ready to cut it out so that you can hang it up over your stage or behind the curtain.

Jeff McBride really exist:

Dibond 30 x 40 cm